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Residential Camps and Courses

Residential camps are now an established part of the summer holidays for an increasing number of children and teenagers.

The term comes from the american tradition of leaving home to attend a summer camp during the much longer US school holidays. American children attend might leave home and stay at a camp for anything from 3 to 9 weeks during their summer vacation. Traditionally many summer camps were set in spectacular rural locations offering a range of outdoor activities that gave kids a contrast to the urban lifestyle that they might be used to at home.

In recent years there has been a UK campaign to raise awareness of the character-building and developmental benefits that children can gain from spending time at a Summer Camp. 
The Campaign for Summer Camps wants many more young people in Britain to enjoy the fun, the happiness, the learning and the growth which come from taking part in residential summer camps. The campaign is seeking to persuade national and local government, as well as opinion formers of all kinds, of the benefits summer camps can bring.

Since 2015 the Campaign has become the Summer Camps Trust, a registered Charity whose mission is to raise the profile of well-run residential summer camps in Britain, and to get many more young people to take par. The Trust  is supported by all the main political parties and by opinion right across the Education and Outdoor Activities world. The Trust is in the process of setting ambitious targets for growing the number of young people who attend residential summer camps. More information on the trust is available at

Most British residential camps run for 7 days at a time, usually from Saturday to Saturday. Summer camp locations are available in all parts of the UK.

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